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Business Coaching

Dive deeper

In our coaching session we dive deep: You get to know yourself and your destructive patterns a bit better. Destructive patterns can cost a lot of energy, if they drive you unconsciously. Together we will develop new strategies - for a more balanced and contented life. 

The Advantages of coaching

Discover New Perspectives

Coaching can provide you new perspectives that you might never have thought of on your own. Together we look at your issue and consider how you can look at it in a «new way». A change of perspective often works wonders.

Transforming Energy Thieves

Energy thieves cost energy. And they drain our energy for other, beautiful things. But there are many good techniques you can use to learn to accept, appreciate and transform your energy thieves. What remains is more energy and more satisfaction.

Clarity To Challenges

You are facing an important decision and you are not sure which way to go? Coaching can really make a difference in such situations and bring you more clarity and steadfastness for your decision.

When is the right time for a coaching? 

A coaching is helpful if:

  • You are emotionally not feeling well and you want to change that
  • You have a professional issue that you are currently «stuck with»
  • You want to change professionally, but you don't know how and where to
  • You are in a challenging life-situation and would like to get out of it on your own
  • You are exhausted and have the feeling that you are no longer actively shaping your own life
  • You have the feeling that you have been «going around in circles» with your thoughts for far too long


  • Duration: approx. 60-90 minutes / session
  • Languages: in German and English
  • On-site or online (via Teams, Zoom or Webex)

I want to dive deep

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