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Organizational development

New ways of Collaboration

Recognize inefficient patterns in your organization and transform them into dynamic processes with self-responsible teams. No matter where you are on your agile journey: with the AGILE Cycle® we can use your current status quo as a basis and develop your organization step by step into the agile direction. Ready?

Focus of work

The Agile Mindset

We use the AGILE Cycle® to analyze which mindset is currently lived in your organization and where destructive beliefs slow down the way of working. Moreover, together we consider what the organization should look like in the future. If this is clear, we start to bring this mindset iteratively into your organization. Our goal: a organization that loves and lives agile.

Optimized ways of Working

Together we examine current and especially inefficient processes in your organization and focus on optimizing the «pain points» we found. Our focus is to get rid of destructive patterns and to promote efficiency and joy in everyday work. Our goal: develop processes that are highly efficient and flexible.

Self-Organized Teams

Together we develop ideas about how you can get more agility, courage and initiative into your teams. We empower your employees to work agile - and to shape their everyday work with contentment and a sense of purpose. Our goal: a higher employee satisfaction, more self-organization and a powerful team spirit.


Success Factors Of Agile Organizations

I am often asked about success factors of agile organizations. My answer: Every organization has its own DNA and needs its individual approach. However, there are a few supporting elements that apply to every organization. Agile organizations:

  • have a clearly defined «why» for their actions
  • drive change proactively and creatively from within
  • empower their employees to become co-entrepreneurs
  • are highly interconnected among themselves and externally
  • love to go new ways, to make mistakes and to learn from them.

My book «Ziel: Agil - Agil werden und bleiben mit dem AGILE Cycle®» (Haufe Verlag)

In my consulting engagements, I am often asked if there exists any relevant literature on implementing an agile mindset and way of working in organizations. A kind of guide for agility. Till now, I could only answer these questions with a «No». Even if there are countless good books on agility, none of them accompanies the readers from beginning to end on their own, very individual agile journey. But my book makes the difference here and I am closing exactly this gap in the literature. Enjoy reading!

Simply explained: The AGILE Cycle®

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