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Words are Powerful

Words can be impulses. The right words at the right time can trigger great changes and open up new directions. That's why I write regularly - books and articles. Agility has so many exciting aspects, it would be a pitty not to write about it.

Meine Bücher im Überblick

Words, language and writing are my world. For me, there is nothing better than analyzing topics and bringing them in an easy way «to the essence». Writing is like meditation for me. Together with the Haufe Verlag, I have published two books about agility. Are you interested and do you want to have a look? If so, you can request a sample from me at any time. I hope you enjoy reading.

Enjoy reading!

Book: «Ziel: Agil»

Often I was asked if there is good literature on how to introduce an agile way of working and thinking. A kind of «guide to agile from A to Z». That did not exist until now. With my book «Ziel: Agil» I close exactly this gap in the literature. Enjoy reading it!

Viel Freude beim Lesen.

Pocket guide: «Hybrid Meetings»

Hybrid meetings are a reality: Andrea Heitmann and I have written a pocket guide to help you organize and run hybrid meetings. We show you what opportunities hybrid meetings offer - and what the basic rules are for implementation.

Publications in Journals

In addition to writing books, I also like to publish in various business journals, such as managerSeminare. Here I focus on current and «hot» topics around agility. If you are interested, you can download my published articles for free. I hope you enjoy reading them and of course I'm always happy to receive your feedback or ideas.

Hybrid meetings - the agile training arena

When it comes to the topic of "hybrid meetings," many teams start to groan. This new meeting format seems too exhausting and too demanding. But if you follow agile principles and want to promote agile working, you can't ignore hybrid meetings. Quite the opposite: these meetings are an agile training arena. They can be used to implement what agility is all about.

This article will be published on 22.11.2022 by managerSeminare.

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