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Agile Toolbox

An agile organization is always a learning organization. In the different workshops you will learn how to integrate the agile mindset and agile ways of working into your team. For more ease, efficiency and an agile team spirit.



The workshops at a glance

On the Pulse of Time: Hybrid Project Management in VUCA & BANI-Times

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Servant Leadership: New Work and the Role of Agile Leadership

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Time for Focus: With Deep Work and Mindfulness into Agility

To the workshop

Note: Individual workshops can be designed on request.


«On the Pulse of Time: Hybrid Project Management in VUCA & BANI-Times»

What is special about this workshop?

While in classic project management everything is planned down to the last detail, agile project management takes a different approach: providing customers with a usable product as quickly as possible, which is refined together with them according to individual wishes in the course of the project. In the agile mindset, the customer is not just king. Customers are partners on an equal footing and co-creators in the development process.

Especially in VUCA and BANI-times, classic project management often falls too short and should be enriched by agile elements, which often become the  «gamechanger». The mix of both project management approaches is called «hybrid project management» and is one of the best ways to handle projects in insecure and constantly changing times.

In this workshop you will learn how to plan and execute your projects from A to Z. In addition to different techniques of the classical project management (e.g., context model and stakeholder analysis) you will get to know different agile methods (e.g., Kanban and Scrum) and after the seminar you will know how to successfully implement a project in the times of VUCA and BANI.

Main Topics

  • What is hybrid project management?
  • How do you plan and manage a project in times of VUCA and BANI?
  • Why is hybrid project management essential in times of VUCA and BANI?
  • How can you best enrich classic project management with agile elements?

This workshop sounds great

«Servant Leadership: New Work and the Role of Agile Leadership»

What is special about this workshop?

New Work. A term that is increasingly shaping the way we work together. New Work stands for the new understanding of work in times of globalization and digitalization: the central values of New Work are freedom, independence and a sense of community. These values are also increasingly evident in our everyday working lives: how we work and what we strive for is increasingly characterized by a sense of purpose, team involvement, and a time- and location-independent way of working. The role of the manager is changing. Modern leadership means using a coaching and agile attitude to strengthen the team's personal responsibility and self-organization and to shape collaboration.

How managers communicate with their employees plays a decisive role here: The days are over when managers issued instructions in rigid technical, delegation and employee meetings. In the new world of work, a change in the understanding of the leadership role is needed.

In this workshop, you will learn about the challenges and, above all, the opportunities of a leadership role in the age of New Work. You will consolidate your agile leadership style and get tools to lead your team in an agile way virtually and on-site.

Content Focus

  • What are the specifics of New Work?
  • What kind of attitude should an agile leader have?
  • How can a self-organized team be managed virtually and on-site?
  • How can we develop our own leadership role in the direction of «leader as coach» in order to promote the personal responsibility of the team members?

This is exactly the workshop I am looking for

«Time for Focus: With Deep Work and Mindfulness into Agility»

What is special about this workshop?

Even though agility is the ambitious goal of many organizations, the opposite pole of agility - calmness and focus - must not be disregarded. Constantly changing external conditions demand rapid adaptation to new situations. This can weaken us in the long run, especially if we have no sources of strength to fall back on to bring us back into balance and make us more resilient.

In this workshop you will be guided through various deep work, mindfulness, meditation and conversation techniques that you can immediately integrate into your daily life. The goal is that after the workshop you will be able to identify your own personal energy thieves and use your sources of strength internally strengthened - to be able to go further agile and powerful through life.

Focus Of The Workshop

  • Which energy thieves are currently making life difficult for you?
  • How can you find a better way to deal with these energy thieves?
  • Which deep work, mindfulness, meditation and conversation techniques strengthen you?
  • How can you integrate the different techniques into your daily life from now on?

I would be happy to participate in the workshop

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